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Ebooks On Sale

Smashwords is holding their July Summer/Winter sale until the 31st of this month. As part of this, all ebooks published by Howling Wolf Books on Smashwords are 50% off.

In other news, I’m attempting Camp Nanowrimo this month, but my concentration is shot and I’m falling badly behind on my word count. Well, I haven’t lost a Nano session yet.

Just a reminder that Old Tales Retold is available for pre-order. There are two copies to be won in a giveaway through Goodreads. Official release is August 3rd.

Special Project

If you’re a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Facebook, you know I sometimes post digitally manipulated photos for fun. Some of these are also posted on my deviantART account. Well, my publisher and I were discussing what more I could do with them and we decided to put them together in a collection. I haven’t said anything up until now because she was swearing blue and green at the formatting and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out until I received the printed proof.

Well, the proof looks pretty good. So as of today, the collection, titled Manipulated Reality, is available for purchase. The link below is for Createspace, but it should be up on Amazon within the next couple days. (They claim up to a week, but it rarely takes that long.) It’s only available in print.

Manipulated Reality

Old Tales Retold, my new book release for August, is officially up for pre-order and also listed for a giveaway on Goodreads.

Old Tales CoverA sci-fi twist on nine traditional fairy tales where the damsels aren’t necessarily in distress and sometimes the princes are the ones in need of rescue. And happily ever after doesn’t have to mean married.
Including the short story Magic Gone Wrong
In the aftermath of a disastrous court ball, Zariah’s fairy godmother offers her ‘everything a princess could ever want’ and Zariah accepts only to find herself separated from her family and caught in a situation more nightmare than dream. Now Zariah must take her fate into her own hands to reverse the spell and reclaim her life with her family.

Just to let my readers know Experiment Redemption Part One and Experiment Redemption Revisited are officially re-released today. Information and sale links can be found at Howling Wolf Books website.

The next release is a brand new collection of short stories called Old Tales Retold, which comes out August 3rd. Pre-order information will be available June 22nd.

A sci-fi twist on nine traditional fairy tales where the damsels aren’t necessarily in distress and sometimes the princes are the ones in need of rescue. And happily ever after doesn’t have to mean married.

It’s Monday

Or at least it is here for a few more hours.

Feels more like Saturday and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the things which happened today. Maybe it’s just the way I’ve been feeling.

I still can’t concentrate to write or edit. I can’t even concentrate to finish my current proofing project.

And I don’t feel like I have the energy to keep promoting books right now. I’ve spent a lot of my time tired recently. It’s been hard even to write a blog post a week.

There are books available for sale and more coming this year, including a new release in August. My publisher’s website,, has all the information and links.

Can NOT concentrate on writing projects right now. Can’t even concentrate enough to edit anything right now. It sucks!

What’s worse is the proofing I’m supposed to be working on is going super slow and the only other thing on my plate at the moment is the Colony Worlds RP (role play) system, which may never actually see the light of day. Well, it depends a little on what my test players think of the latest rehash. Even if they like it/think it would work, it could still be years before I have enough of it together to release in any form.

I’ve been sort of toying with the idea of trying a lighter project… maybe something with my photo manipulations… but I really have no clear idea what I want to do or how to accomplish it. Feel free to comment if you have a serious suggestion.

In the meantime, Experiment Redemption Part One and Experiment Redemption Revisited are available to pre-order in either print or ebook format.

And, as of today, The Price of Devotion and More of Friends & Family are available again. I can’t wait to see my copies of them. Links can be found here: Howling Wolf Books.

(I think she’s added some new covers to the front page slide show.)

Yes, I know I missed posting last week. Too many other things happening.

So, I’m finished my Camp Nanowrimo project. I just have to validate my word count at some point today and I’ll be completely finished. One more first draft manuscript done and waiting until I’m ready to revisit it.

Proofing of the trilogy is going slow. It’s hard to read anything out loud with a cold and reading out loud is my favourite (and by far most effective) method of catching typos and larger errors. On the other hand, with a current release date of August 2016, I have plenty of time to get through it.

Currently waiting to get my copies of April’s re-release books. Yes, I get one copy of everything for myself. Having a copy of the most up to date version of the text actually helps a lot when writing sequels and short pieces.

And there are four books currently available to pre-order:

The Price of Devotion and More of Friends & Family are set for release in two weeks.

Experiment Redemption Part One and Experiment Redemption Revisited were just listed today and will be officially released on June 1.

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter long weekend. Wow, Gaia Online Easter events are not conducive to any kind of productivity. The upside being this year’s event is fun instead of grueling.

Working on Camp Nanowrimo and so far I’m 15k words towards my ultimate goal of 55k. (I hate writing funerals.)

My beta readers came back to me with evidence of necessary major edits to two other projects. Both of them probably need to be pulled completely apart and reworked. Since they aren’t slated for publication any time soon, my publisher doesn’t care how long I take.

Proofs are finally ordered for the trilogy I’ve been working on. Still excited to see my work in print. I don’t think the feeling will ever get old.

Currently available for pre-order are The Price of Devotion and More of Friends & Family. The information is up on Howling Wolf Book‘s website.

And, as of today, my very first published novel is now available in its third edition, with fairly extensively revised text. We’re hoping it reads better now. Along with that is the second edition of the short story collection Of Friends & Family.

Being Here and Now

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive. Wow is this apt to my current situation.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I spend a lot of time living in my head. In the worlds my characters inhabit. In the past. In the future. Everywhere and every-when but here and now.

Because it’s easier. A lot easier.

Here and now is hard. Here and now is overwhelming. It’s frustrating. It’s all the issues I really wish someone else would swoop in and deal with for me.

But no one is going to swoop in and fix it all. Honestly, no one else can. I know no one else can live my life for me. That if I don’t live it myself, no one else will.

Except after so many years of living in my head, learning to live in the here and now is… something I’m not even sure I have a word for.

View original

Gangland CoverMy temporary thrown together cover for April’s Camp Nanowrimo project, which I’m hoping to be able to write around everything else happening in my life. Here’s the description I have to go with it.

When Keith and Beth moved their family into a new home, they were promised a near perfect community. A place seeming almost too good to be true.
A year later, Keith wakes up in a nightmare which drags him down into the secrets behind the seeming perfection. It appears not everyone is happy with life as it is. Keith is asked to aid the investigation and ends up learning far more about the truth of the world he lives in than anyone else would believe.

Yes, it’s another science fiction, set on another human colony world. I’ve actually had the beginning of it, about five thousand words, for several years now. The goal next month is to finish it.

In theory, I should be working on a massive overhaul of Dragonsbane, Kingsbane, but my brain doesn’t want to work on Kelli right now. So back to Cemen I go for more material which may or may not ever see the light of print.

In the meantime, the three books for the trilogy set to be released August 2016 are being formatted for print, so I’m hoping to have the proofs next month. I’m looking forward to seeing them printed.

In the meantime, Hunting the Dephlendar and Of Friends & Family will be officially released in just over a week. As of today, The Price of Devotion and More of Friends & Family are available to pre-order. Links can be found on my publisher’s website, Howling Wolf Books.


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