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Aside from some issues with preschooler and cat, I think this year was my best birthday in quite a while. I had my day more or less my way plus some new music. Also, beautiful spring weather instead of the usual February deep freeze and hip deep snow. (Or active blizzard.)

On the writing front, last week I finished the third book in the trilogy I’ve been writing. I also left myself a prologue for a new piece on the same world featuring new characters.

On the editing front, I’m working back through the second book of the trilogy, seeing just what kind of mess I left myself. Hopefully it won’t need the major overhaul the first book did.

There are currently three books available for pre-order:

Only one more week for the second edition of Beneath the Waves. It’s officially out next week.

The third edition of Hunting the Dephlendar is now available along with the second edition for Of Friends & Family. (Now to see how quickly Goodreads fixes whatever issues it’s having with the new book information.)

And, of course, the two books now available for purchase: The Twice Abducted Princess and Kedri Dancer.

For This Week

I know I haven’t blogged about my life recently. Mostly just too many things are up in the air right now. The only thing of note is me trying to figure out how to survive my birthday this year.

On the writing front, I’m almost finished the first draft of the third book of this trilogy. Hopefully, I’ll be finished before the weekend. It’ll be nice to have this one completely written out.

On the book proofing front, my publisher thinks I still have to do something more about A Sprite and Her Dragon. It would help if said sprite were currently speaking to me. Maybe once I’m finished what I’m writing.

Just a reminder, the second edition of Beneath the Waves is available for pre-order for another two weeks.

Kedri Dancer and The Twice Abducted Princess are available to purchase in print and ebook. If you don’t like the links from Howling Wolf Books, they’re available on Amazon in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.

More Happy Dances

Mostly because of the first review posted for The Twice Abducted Princess, which can be found here.

Also because I’m making progress on the third novel of the trilogy I’m currently working on. As of last night I’m thirteen thousand words in, but also now have the world map so I can actually see where in their world my characters are going.

Not so thrilled with the proofing process right now. My publisher is happy with one piece, but bounced the other for more work. It would be easier if the character in question were speaking to me right now.

Also super happy because one of my favourite authors is finally releasing her pirate novel this month. Princess or Pirate by B. Heather Mantler is set for release February 21st. If you go here, there’s a chance you could win a copy.

Something I’m curious about: What in a book or series makes you (the reader) want to know more about the characters and their world?

On Saturday I finally finished the second book of the trilogy I’m working on. Or at least the first draft. But since the first draft is always the hardest to get through, I’m happy.

As for the rest of what I’ve been up to:

Currently writing the third book of the trilogy… and trying to write myself into corners again. Well, hopefully I’ll have the first draft finished by the end of this month.

Finished my share of the proofing for next August’s release. Now it’s up to my publisher to catch any typos I left in my wake and generally prepare it for release. Here’s the updated description.

A sci-fi twist on nine traditional fairy tales where the damsels aren’t necessarily in distress and sometimes the princes are the ones in need of rescue. And happily ever after doesn’t have to mean married.
Including the short story Magic Gone Wrong
In the aftermath of a disastrous court ball, Zariah’s fairy godmother offers her ‘everything a princess could ever want’ and Zariah accepts only to find herself separated from her family and caught in a situation more nightmare than dream. Now Zariah must take her fate into her own hands to reverse the spell and reclaim her life with her family.

Beneath the Waves is currently on pre-release and can be ordered in both print and ebook via links on my publisher’s website.

And Kedri Dancer is now available in a new edition. Again, links are on

Is approximately what I added yesterday to book two of the trilogy I’m working on. I’m hoping to have this one finished this week. But after that, I’m thinking book three will have to wait until I’m finished proofing next August’s release. I read the printed proof to my husband last week and I’m thinking it needs just a little more work before it’s ready to go.

Eight thousand words in a day is a full days writing for me. I guess some authors shoot for more daily. I usually get less because of everything else which eats into my day. People want to be fed and “Mommy, watch this” or “Mommy, I need…” and the cat won’t quit lurking under my desk, just waiting to break my concentration.

Also reading. I finally found books to read I can actually concentrate to finish. Starting with the first of a trilogy by a YA author and artist I follow on Facebook. Also some of the freebies I’ve been downloading from Smashwords because I might as well do something useful when I log in there.

Currently writing: The second book in a trilogy tentatively slated for release Summer 2016. My publisher wants to release all three books at once, so the official date is dependent on my ability to get the second and third books finished this year.

Proofing: The proofs for my next two books arrived this morning. Now I need to go through them and ensure they’re actually ready for publication.

Old Tales Retold – to be released August 2015

The tales of Rapunzel, Beauty and other fairy tale princesses or princesses-to-be retold from a modern-ish, science fiction perspective. Not a damsel-in-distress in sight and none of these young women need rescuing. Somewhat to the chagrin of the men they encounter.

A Sprite and Her Dragon – to be released January 2016

The bad: The item companions Pix and Gor had taken from the dragon’s hoard was paid for in stolen gold. Bonus: Pix couldn’t resist also taking the metallic egg she found in said same dragon’s hoard.
The worse: Not only are they now wanted for theft and murder, their unsavoury employer is using the item they retrieved to revive ancient, feral dragons. And civilization as they know it is under attack.
But not all hope is lost… if a trio of unlikely companions can manage to survive long enough to unravel the mystery of the ancient dragons and the even older evil driving the destruction of their world.

Currently listed for pre-order:

Kedri Dancer: Second edition including the short story Dance With Me – February 2015

Beneath the Waves: Second edition including the short story To Rescue A Hero – March 2015

Print editions of both of these will be available, but until my publisher gets her bookstore up and running properly contact information is on her website.

Eating Healthier

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive. And somewhat apt to this season of resolutions.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

Most days I feel like this is a losing battle. I know I should eat better. I even sort of know how to eat better.

Part of the problem is a limited grocery budget. Another part is living where ‘local’ can mean trucked anywhere up to eight hours and half the year the produce looks like it was dragged under the truck instead of riding in it. Add in taste aversions leftover from my pregnancy, some issues with textures of food and a super sensitive gag reflex. Oh, and let’s not forget the bad eating habits learned in childhood and reinforced through my teens.

Some days I just want to throw in the towel. Eat anything and everything, regardless of how good or bad it might be for me.

Except the older I get, the more sensitive my system is to poor diet and the worse I end up feeling…

View original 98 more words

First blog post of the new year.

And most of what I have to say is The Twice Abducted Princess is officially released for sale. Also the second edition of Kedri Dancer, which includes the short story Dance With Me is available for pre-order. More information and sale links can be found at

Also, it’s been dumping down snow all day, which made errands entertaining in a not really kind of way and probably means I won’t be going too far for a while.

Winter Vacation

With all of my next year’s releases currently in the capable hands of my publisher/editor, I’m going take some well needed vacation time. So I hope all of you have a wonderful December and I’ll see you on the other side.

Just a few links, for those curious as to what I do have coming up.

Don’t forget you can now pre-order your own copy of The Twice Abducted Princess. (Or attempt to win it through Goodreads)

This is my first full novel with Howling Wolf Books. Also the first novel set on Ettoyr Colony, which means a new world and new characters. This is science fiction suitable for teens on up. (At least according to my editor. I write to keep the characters in my head from driving me crazy, not to any specific audience or even genre.)

The first time Katrina is abducted sets her free from the people dictating her every move. Left to choose her own course in life, she begins learning skills she had only dreamed of before. And triggers an ability she hadn’t known she had.
The second time Katrina is abducted threatens to trap her under the control of a body of priests intent on using her to further their grand schemes. Her escape from the priests sets her on the path to forever altering the lives of those around her.

It’s available to pre-order in both ebook and print as of today, although the official release is January 5, 2015. Also, two copies have been listed for a giveaway on Goodreads.




Please note Howling Wolf Books is just starting up and still ironing out some hiccups, so unfortunately the print pre-order is temporarily more complicated than we’d like. She’s hoping to fix the issues soon. In the meantime, I’ve never yet failed to make good on a pre-ordered book.


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