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Yes, I know it’s Good Friday. It’s still part of the Easter weekend, most of which I will be spending getting caught up on my Camp Nanowrimo project. Although I think there is a family dinner in there somewhere.

My wish is for each and every person who reads this to have an enjoyable weekend, whether or not you’re celebrating any holiday.

A Political Marriage

Lexa Cheshire:

Also now available on The link can be found at the bottom of the Smashwords book page.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

This is probably the closest I’ve come yet to writing a romance novel. It was released in February 2013. And yes, the adult content warning is mainly due to some language.

A Political Marriage is set almost immediately after Experiment Redemption Part Two. The story follows a graduate of Experiment Redemption who has been sent to the court of a neighbouring monarchy, where political engagements are being arranged for the members of her group. Eight of those marriages take place quickly, but the ninth proves a lot more complicated.

The monarchy is in the midst of its own slightly bizarre and complicated political situation made more complex by issues arising from their war torn neighbour. Background appearances by the main character of the Experiment Redemption books don’t necessarily help the situation.

Although chronologically the fifth Colony World 1.5.3E book, this one can be read either on its own or after…

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The third Colony World 1.5.3E short story collection is out today. Again, this is a supplement to the novels set on the same world, taking place during Experiment Redemption Parts One and Two. And, as with the other Colony World 1.5.3E books, there is an adult content warning primarily for language.

As is implied by the title, this collection revisits the Experiment Redemption project, but follows different characters and introduces the reader to the other two locations. Some of these characters will be familiar to readers of the Experiment Redemption novels. Others will appear in later works, either the short story collection Beyond Experiment Redemption (July 15) or the novel The Keys and the Naph.

Here are some links for those who would like more information, to read an excerpt from the first story or to buy a copy in either print or ebook.


Createspace estore:

Smashwords (ebooks):

I don’t have the Amazon links yet, but Smashwords allows me to add ‘in print’ links to the book page, so once I have more links, they can be found there.

In the meantime, I’m behind on my Camp Nanowrimo project and still trying to get my head together.

Experiment Redemption

Lexa Cheshire:

Two notes on this resurrection from the Archives. One, these novels are available in print on and in Kobo format through Chapters Indigo. Two, the short story collection Experiment Redemption Revisited is being released tomorrow, at which time I will post sale links.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

Experiment Redemption is my longest (to date) novel. It was originally written as one book, but published as Part One and Part Two due to length. Part One was released in February 2012 and Part Two was released six months later. There is an adult content warning due almost strictly to language and I, as the author, won’t let my daughter read it until she’s at least sixteen.

The story is set on the human colony world designated 1.5.3E, known to the native race as Cemen, in the aftermath of a five hundred year civil war. Despite the length of the war, which was at least partly perpetuated by creatures far longer lived than humans, the original fears and prejudices which started the conflict are still running high. A provisional government had been established after the war was declared over, but is still struggling with a paranoid, thoroughly entrenched military…

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Choosing Love

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I’m sick of being tired all the time and tired of being sick all the time. But most of all I’m sick and tired of the heavy, draining negative emotions which keep showing up and wanting to take root in my life. Uprooting the ones already in place so I can process and move beyond them is exhausting. Learning to breathe, work through and release them before they take root isn’t much easier.

But oh the feeling of being free of them… even temporarily.

Suddenly there’s room in my heart and in my life for positive emotions. Suddenly it’s so much easier to choose love in situations where I used to choose fear. Not that easier makes it easy in every situation. I’m still learning and I know I have a long way to go.

Still, suddenly my life is full of days of seemingly infinite possibilities. My deepest rooted…

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Much Needed Boost

Lexa Cheshire:

A reminder from the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

Just when I start to feel like I’m alone in this, when nothing is going quite the way I’d like it to, I’ll come across some bit of inspiration. Whether it’s a post in my Facebook feed, an e-mail or just something I come across in the multitude of different things I read every day, all it takes is one picture or quotation or even a sign something I did made someone’s day a little brighter. Just that one thing, no matter how insignificant on first glance and I feel better, lighter, like I can do anything.

Because I can do anything.

And if I can, you can too.

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Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

For me, quiet is as necessary as food or water or clothing or shelter. If I don’t get a certain amount of it, I lose the ability to function mentally. My husband, on the other hand, starts to go crazy. He always wants music or company… or anything other than quiet. Fortunately he works full time outside our home. Even better, at least for me, my mother goes into withdrawal if she doesn’t get to spend at least one day a week with her granddaughter. I love my daughter, don’t get me wrong. But having a few hours without her on a weekly basis is awesome and I’m grateful for that.

Quiet is a chance for me to step back and take a look at what’s going on in my head. A chance to gather and examine scattered thoughts and pull myself together mentally. A chance to recharge after days…

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The Wolf and Me

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

Wolves are, without question, my favourite animal. Something about them caught my attention early on and has never let go. There’s a beauty to them, a power and grace which brings to mind majesty and freedom and wild places.

The primarily European fairly tale wolf, I’m not so much a fan of. The scrawny, hungry ‘evil’ with all it’s negative associations. That’s not what comes to mind when I think wolf. Wolves are predators, I understand that. And yes, they’re carnivorous. So are many other predatory animals and yet, it seems to me, very few of the others share the wolf’s bad reputation.

But when I think wolf, I think North American wilderness and the images so often used (repeatedly) on wolf themed goods. And I do collect a certain amount of said goods, although I prefer them to be useful. Calendars, journals, bookmarks, my key chain. I have several…

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Yes, I’m going to try a new (if short) post for today instead of rehashing something from last fall.

I’m listening to the soundtrack of Frozen. Although, honestly, I could just listen to Let It Go on endless loop for a few days. Or maybe weeks. Somehow I don’t think my husband or daughter would tolerate it that long. Oh well. At least I have it for when I want to hear it.

In the meantime, I’m working on two projects for Camp Nanowrimo, for a total of one hundred and twenty thousand words. It isn’t a question of whether I can do it, it’s more a matter of how frustrated I get in the process.

Experiment Redemption Revisited will be released April 15 as originally planned. The e-book is available for preorder by following the link below. The print book will be available on or shortly after the release, as usual. I’ll post more links then.

Beyond Experiment Redemption will still be released on the modified date of July 15 because I wasn’t able to finish writing it before April 1 and Camp Nanowrimo hit. I’m more than half finished and will return to working on it once I’m finished the current two projects. Again, more information and links to come.

My Heart, Their Shoes

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I’ve seen a couple different internet memes with the words:

“I am a gamer not because I have no life but because I choose to have many.”

My internet search skills aren’t up to the task of tracking down the original attribution, but I do love the words.

I don’t consider myself a gamer, although I do spend some of my few child-free hours playing video games. I especially like games which allow me to experience the lives of the characters and the changes they go through as they explore their worlds and relationships. I spend a fair bit of my time reading for the same reason and I’ve seen the quotation altered for bookworms. Honestly, I think it applies any time anyone in any way immerses themselves in other people and places.

Which is something I am constantly doing as a writer.

Each character is a person, albeit in…

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