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And rather amazed.

When I was with Mantler Publishing, anything put up on Smashwords as an ebook was very slow to be noticed and gain a significant number of downloads. Not wonderful, but typical of my experience with them.

With Howling Wolf Books, in the two weeks it was available for free, Dance With Me had nearly three hundred downloads. Maybe that won’t seem like a lot to some but it’s absolutely amazing compared to my previous experience. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my writing.

Dance With Me is no longer free, but I have a new short story up which is currently free and can be found here. I hope you like this one as well.

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada and I have turkey stuffed and in the oven for later today. And hopefully, from that, leftovers to last until payday.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to say a huge thank you to you, my readers.

I’m also grateful for the response to the short story, Dance With Me, which had, in less than a week, more downloads than anything I released with Mantler Publishing ever did. And it’s continued to surprise me with its popularity into the second week. Just to remind you, it’s still free to download here until Friday the seventeenth.

When you visit the Smashwords page for Dance With Me, do me a favour and scroll down to see the other free story currently being offered by Howling Wolf Books. It’s the very first thing Sarah Dahlmann, my longtime editor, has published and I, personally, think it’s a good read.

Thank you once again and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada.

I changed publishers last week. While it may seem out of the blue to most, this has actually been a long time coming. I wish everyone with Mantler Publishing all the best, it’s time for me to move on.

It’s a risky move for me since Howling Wolf Books is even newer and smaller. But the owner has some big ideas, which (at least to my mind) should work out better for me.

One of those ideas is she wants to release one short story a week up until the launch of the first novel. And the first short story, which was released on Smashwords last Friday, is one of mine. These will be free for the first two weeks, after which a price will be added to the listing.

Dance With Me is a short piece featuring Esther, who was a secondary character in Kedri Dancer. The plan is to include it as an extra with the second edition release of Kedri Dancer in both print and ebook in February 2015. For now it’s up on Smashwords as a short story. Originally it had a cover thrown together by the owner of Howling Wolf Books, but the day of the release, fellow Smashwords author Jennett Edmond contacted me to offer an alternate cover she created.

The original cover created by Howling Wolf Books. And the alternate cover created by Jennett Edmond.

Dance With Me Dance With Me Cover











And here is the link to Dance With Me on Smashwords. It’s free until October 17, 2014.

Also, the first novel to be released by Howling Wolf Books is going to be my new one, The Twice Abducted Princess.

The first time Katrina is abducted sets her free from the people dictating her every move. Left to choose her own course in life, she begins learning skills she had only dreamed of before. And triggers an ability she hadn’t known she had.
The second time Katrina is abducted threatens to trap her under the control of a body of priests intent on using her to further their grand schemes. Her escape from the priests sets her on the path to forever altering the lives of those around her.

Also, my name will now be appearing as Alexandra A. Cheshire on my books and many of my internet accounts.

So, a whole lot is happening and much more to come. I’m excited about the changes, but also very busy preparing for things. Especially since all my previously released titles are currently unavailable for sale until Howling Wolf Books is ready to release the second editions of them. I’ll post more as I have the information for you.

Information Overload

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

It doesn’t take much to end up buried in information these days. Run an internet search on any topic and you can end up hunting through page after page of results. Any relevant results may lead to long pages of information to wade through.

In the last month I’ve found myself inundated with ‘free’ e-books, website links, audio and video resources, blog posts, etcetera on a variety of topics, most of which I am interested in. The problem is sorting what I need and is useful to me from everything else. Especially when my time to read and sort through it all is limited.

I prefer to go by accurate information, which means questioning sources and methods and double checking facts. And especially whether the information from one source agrees with or contradicts others on the same subject. These days, I find there’s also a certain amount of whether or…

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My Time, My Terms

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

Often, when people ask what I do, I tell them I’m a work-at-home-mom. Which I am. I’m a mom and I work at home. Writing is nice and flexible that way.

But another part of it is I prefer to avoid the assumptions which so often seem to come with telling people I’m a stay-at-home-mom.

I find the worst of those assumptions is that stay-at-home-parents have time to do whatever other people need them to, whenever said people need them to do it. And all too often this includes the work outside the home spouses of stay-at-home-parents.

Children, no matter their age, are self-centered, demanding little people. It’s easy to let the needs of just one child take up a full day’s worth of time and energy. Parenting isn’t just a full time job. It’s being on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five…

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A Dash of Magic

Lexa Cheshire:

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Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I’m in love with so much about the general realm of fantasy. The places, the creatures, the heroes and villains, the magic. And just the general sense of wonder which comes to me when I’m immersed in any fantasy setting, whether my own or that of another author. I’ve been reading or at least listening to others read fantasy for a long as I can remember. I’ve been writing it for as long as I’ve been writing fiction.

I very much enjoy reading and writing science fiction as well. And I know many places like libraries and bookstores lump the two categories together. They do have their similarities. The main one, at least to my mind, being the ability to transport the reader into worlds where anything is possible. Where all the rules which seem to restrict our day to day lives can be thrown out the window at the…

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Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

Undoubtedly I’m not the only person these days to store hundreds of photographs in the hard drive of their computer. Yes, I try to remember to keep them backed up elsewhere, but that’s beside the point. I take and keep pictures of all kinds of things, good, bad or just strange. I’ve had a few printed. Others I use for my screensaver and desktop wallpaper. So they aren’t sitting there completely unseen. But I have them.

It never ceases to amaze me, the power of a single photograph to call up a whole host of associated memories. To remind me of things I might otherwise never think of again. To make me wonder what happened to a given person, place or thing.

Unlike human memory, a photograph is an objective view. A single instant in time as it really happened. Yes, photos are manipulated all the time. Like everything else…

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Beautiful Me, Beautiful You

Lexa Cheshire:

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Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

In a world where the idealized human appearance is becoming increasingly impossible to achieve, it’s hard to remember that beauty, true shine through everything and light up the world beauty, is within the grasp of every single one of us.

I’ve touched on this before, in my reasons for persistently calling my daughter beautiful. But now, when I tell her she’s my beautiful girl, she comes back at me with ‘you’re my beautiful mommy’.

The first time she said that, it caught me off guard. My first knee-jerk reaction was to think of all the ways she’s wrong. Except if she’s beautiful to me, with her tangled hair and yesterday’s outfit and smeared face, why can’t I be just as beautiful to her? Whose perception is the more skewed here?

My daughter isn’t the first person to insist I’m beautiful. My husband has for years. Of course he also thinks…

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Bad Habit?

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I am one of those people (yes, I know others like this) who will read anything with print on it if it looks even remotely interesting or is nearby when I’m bored. I question whether this is a good thing or not because it has gotten me into trouble in the past.

I do read a lot. Some days it feels like constantly. Whether it’s blogs or novels or random papers with print on them. Including a lot of things which don’t count as ‘books’ according to Goodreads.

As a writer and editor for myself and others, I spend a lot of time reading works in progress. In fact, one of my favourite methods of error catching is to read the piece aloud to someone else, usually my husband. I try to have my own work as error free as possible before doing this because trying to read aloud something…

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End of Summer

Well, almost. But it’s finally raining today after sun and hot and smoke for far too many days. At least far too many days for my comfort.

I don’t mind clear sunny days. I just don’t like weeks on end of plus thirty degrees Celsius weather without break and we’ve had far too much of it this summer. Add in an ugly forest fire season and it’s hard to want to leave the house because the smoke is so thick in the air. At times this year the air quality has been so bad a fellow writer was comparing it to Los Angeles or Madrid.

The days are shortening noticeably and the weather is finally cooling off. Soon the leaves on the trees will get serious about turning all their pretty fall colours.

I’m looking forward to what fall brings this year.


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