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Beautiful Me, Beautiful You

Lexa Cheshire:

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Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

In a world where the idealized human appearance is becoming increasingly impossible to achieve, it’s hard to remember that beauty, true shine through everything and light up the world beauty, is within the grasp of every single one of us.

I’ve touched on this before, in my reasons for persistently calling my daughter beautiful. But now, when I tell her she’s my beautiful girl, she comes back at me with ‘you’re my beautiful mommy’.

The first time she said that, it caught me off guard. My first knee-jerk reaction was to think of all the ways she’s wrong. Except if she’s beautiful to me, with her tangled hair and yesterday’s outfit and smeared face, why can’t I be just as beautiful to her? Whose perception is the more skewed here?

My daughter isn’t the first person to insist I’m beautiful. My husband has for years. Of course he also thinks…

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Bad Habit?

Lexa Cheshire:

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Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I am one of those people (yes, I know others like this) who will read anything with print on it if it looks even remotely interesting or is nearby when I’m bored. I question whether this is a good thing or not because it has gotten me into trouble in the past.

I do read a lot. Some days it feels like constantly. Whether it’s blogs or novels or random papers with print on them. Including a lot of things which don’t count as ‘books’ according to Goodreads.

As a writer and editor for myself and others, I spend a lot of time reading works in progress. In fact, one of my favourite methods of error catching is to read the piece aloud to someone else, usually my husband. I try to have my own work as error free as possible before doing this because trying to read aloud something…

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End of Summer

Well, almost. But it’s finally raining today after sun and hot and smoke for far too many days. At least far too many days for my comfort.

I don’t mind clear sunny days. I just don’t like weeks on end of plus thirty degrees Celsius weather without break and we’ve had far too much of it this summer. Add in an ugly forest fire season and it’s hard to want to leave the house because the smoke is so thick in the air. At times this year the air quality has been so bad a fellow writer was comparing it to Los Angeles or Madrid.

The days are shortening noticeably and the weather is finally cooling off. Soon the leaves on the trees will get serious about turning all their pretty fall colours.

I’m looking forward to what fall brings this year.

The Not So Fun Side

Lexa Cheshire:

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Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I love to write. I don’t mind the editing and revision process. I certainly don’t mind sharing my work with others. (Most of the time.)

Marketing is a pain in the backside.

Unfortunately one of the realities of being an author is having to do a certain amount of the work to market any books released. This isn’t just something I have to deal with. Almost all the published authors I know personally are in the same boat. The big publishing companies won’t take a chance on new authors and the smaller ones who will don’t have the same resources.

In my case, I’m probably not using all the potential resources I could be. I just have issues with some of what’s currently available. (It’s a personal preference thing and I don’t care what anyone thinks.)

What I do have is this blog, along with a Facebook page and Goodreads…

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This is the last currently planned novel for Colony World 1.5.3E, bringing the collection up to six novels and (hopefully) tying off any loose ends left by the previous five. As usual for this series, there’s an adult content warning for language and some violence.

The story is patterned similarly to Hunting the Dephlendar and follows several characters as they track down and retrieve the rest of the keys to match the one found during Experiment Redemption Part Two. It ends with the use of the keys and a major change to the world as a whole.

For more information, to read a sample or to purchase, please follow the links provided below.



Unintentional Toxicity

Lexa Cheshire:

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Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

Some days I just want to pack up my family and move to anywhere but here. I know, in practical terms, it just isn’t possible for a dozen or more reasons. Those don’t change the underlying desire, which really is to get away from what, at times, feels like near constant negativity surrounding me.

To be fair, most of this is caused by people with the best of intentions. People who don’t mean to be negative in any way. People who either don’t understand why I’m feeling so compelled to change things in my life or don’t understand why I want to make the changes I feel are necessary instead of doing what they think I should do.

Negative is negative, whether it’s intentional or not. ‘Should’ is an insidious toxin, as discussed in one of my earliest posts on this blog. And ‘You can’t do that because…’ just makes…

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This is the fourth collection of ten short stories set on Colony World 1.5.3E. Some of it is set during A Political Marriage, but more of  it is set between that and the soon to be released The Keys and the Naph. As usual for the Colony World 1.5.3E, there is an adult content warning, primarily for language.

This is available in both print and multiple ebook formats. For more information, to read a sample or to purchase, please use the links provided.



I wish Camp Nanowrimo were a real place where I could go write my July novel in the shade of a tree and jump in the lake when the heat gets too much.

But no, I’m here in a townhouse surrounded by dried out, trampled down lawn with only one tree anywhere close enough to pretend to provide shade. We do everything we can to try to keep this place cool, but when the temperature soars over thirty degrees C it doesn’t seem to matter.

I am getting through my Camp Nano project. In fact, for the moment, I’m managing to stay ahead of my daily word count goal.

It’s everything else around here that isn’t getting done. It’s too hot to cook. Too hot to stand with my hands in hot water long enough to clean up my kitchen. Too hot to sleep well at night. Definitely too hot to go outside unless traveling to some place with air conditioning. Or the swimming pool.

I’m very much looking forward to fall, when the weather turns cooler.

Speaking of my Camp Nano project, here’s the novel synopsis as entered on the Camp Nanowrimo site:

Meet Kelli Dragonsbane, the hero who banished the dragons forever and saved her kingdom from certain doom. Or so cry the heralds. But Kelli has a secret which will soon rock the kingdom to its very foundations. In the meantime, Kelli has been assigned to the services of a border Earl and granted an isolated piece of forest. She will have to build her home from raw materials, cope with an unwelcome arranged marriage, and quite possibly save the kingdom from the threat no one saw coming.

Just an update on where I’m at with the short story collection and novel I’m releasing this summer.

The Keys and the Naph, which is the final (currently) planned Colony World 1.5.3E novel, is all set for release on August first. In the meantime, it’s up on Goodreads for those who would like to know more about it. And the ebook version is available for pre-order through Smashwords. Just follow the links provided below.



Beyond Experiment Redemption, which is a Tales of Colony World 1.5.3E collection, is also up on Goodreads, but won’t be available on Smashwords until its July 15th release because I’m still proofing it. My printed proof didn’t show up until we were out of town for a full week and I didn’t get it until the beginning of this month.


In the meantime, I’m working on Camp Nanowrimo this month. One second draft manuscript, which is now complete, although still in need of a good editing, and one first draft manuscript for a fantasy novel.

Pretty Things

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I think I’ve mentioned before how my concentration comes and goes and sometimes takes long vacations. When that happens, I often find myself spending far more time online, especially on Facebook, than I like. But there are times when the internet, and again Facebook, become irritants and I go looking for something else to do.

I’ve been playing with Microsoft’s basic Paint program for years, but I’m not fond of the version which came with Windows 7. A friend gave me a copy of Open Canvas and I have the Draw program which is part of Open Office. I just find both of those have limitations which drive me a little batty. A while ago, when I was looking for a free program to help me work on photographs, a friend of my husband’s suggested Paint.Net. As with the others, I find it has its limitations, but I do like…

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