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This is the fourth collection of ten short stories set on Colony World 1.5.3E. Some of it is set during A Political Marriage, but more of  it is set between that and the soon to be released The Keys and the Naph. As usual for the Colony World 1.5.3E, there is an adult content warning, primarily for language.

This is available in both print and multiple ebook formats. For more information, to read a sample or to purchase, please use the links provided.



I wish Camp Nanowrimo were a real place where I could go write my July novel in the shade of a tree and jump in the lake when the heat gets too much.

But no, I’m here in a townhouse surrounded by dried out, trampled down lawn with only one tree anywhere close enough to pretend to provide shade. We do everything we can to try to keep this place cool, but when the temperature soars over thirty degrees C it doesn’t seem to matter.

I am getting through my Camp Nano project. In fact, for the moment, I’m managing to stay ahead of my daily word count goal.

It’s everything else around here that isn’t getting done. It’s too hot to cook. Too hot to stand with my hands in hot water long enough to clean up my kitchen. Too hot to sleep well at night. Definitely too hot to go outside unless traveling to some place with air conditioning. Or the swimming pool.

I’m very much looking forward to fall, when the weather turns cooler.

Speaking of my Camp Nano project, here’s the novel synopsis as entered on the Camp Nanowrimo site:

Meet Kelli Dragonsbane, the hero who banished the dragons forever and saved her kingdom from certain doom. Or so cry the heralds. But Kelli has a secret which will soon rock the kingdom to its very foundations. In the meantime, Kelli has been assigned to the services of a border Earl and granted an isolated piece of forest. She will have to build her home from raw materials, cope with an unwelcome arranged marriage, and quite possibly save the kingdom from the threat no one saw coming.

Just an update on where I’m at with the short story collection and novel I’m releasing this summer.

The Keys and the Naph, which is the final (currently) planned Colony World 1.5.3E novel, is all set for release on August first. In the meantime, it’s up on Goodreads for those who would like to know more about it. And the ebook version is available for pre-order through Smashwords. Just follow the links provided below.



Beyond Experiment Redemption, which is a Tales of Colony World 1.5.3E collection, is also up on Goodreads, but won’t be available on Smashwords until its July 15th release because I’m still proofing it. My printed proof didn’t show up until we were out of town for a full week and I didn’t get it until the beginning of this month.


In the meantime, I’m working on Camp Nanowrimo this month. One second draft manuscript, which is now complete, although still in need of a good editing, and one first draft manuscript for a fantasy novel.

Pretty Things

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I think I’ve mentioned before how my concentration comes and goes and sometimes takes long vacations. When that happens, I often find myself spending far more time online, especially on Facebook, than I like. But there are times when the internet, and again Facebook, become irritants and I go looking for something else to do.

I’ve been playing with Microsoft’s basic Paint program for years, but I’m not fond of the version which came with Windows 7. A friend gave me a copy of Open Canvas and I have the Draw program which is part of Open Office. I just find both of those have limitations which drive me a little batty. A while ago, when I was looking for a free program to help me work on photographs, a friend of my husband’s suggested Paint.Net. As with the others, I find it has its limitations, but I do like…

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I’m on the other end of a supposedly nine (in reality twelve and a half) hour drive. We’re here to see family we haven’t seen in three years and to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with them. We’ll be here a week, but it isn’t really a vacation for me.

A vacation for me wouldn’t involve people. And it wouldn’t be in a city more crowded than the one I already live in. A true vacation for me would be alone time as far from a city as I could get.

In the meantime, I’ll survive. Hopefully I’ll have recovered from this trip before I get to the one I’m making next month. (Which also won’t be a vacation for me.)

This is the short story anthology put together by Mantler Publishing more or less for PR purposes. It’s a collection of three stories, one from each author currently working with the company. The final edit and formatting were done by the woman who does all my books. The photo used for the cover was taken by B. Heather Mantler and originally intended for use with Rose, but the elements work for the other stories in the collection as well. At least I think so.

Rose by B. Heather Mantler got her shortlisted for the John Harris Fiction Awards, which is a local annual writing contest. It’s a spy versus spy mystery set within a mental hospital run by an aging director.

Mothers Don’t Get Medals by Rosalyn Marie Francis is a few weeks in the life of a military mom faced with issues on all sides. This is the first time Mantler Publishing has published any of Rosalyn’s work, but I’m hoping we’ll see some of her novels in the future.

Once A Thief is my contribution. It’s a short story from Colony World 1.5.3E featuring one of the main characters of Hunting the Dephlendar. Set between The Price of Devotion and Experiment Redemption, it follows a woman suffering trauma induced memory loss and the orphaned girl she raises.

The ebook version (in multiple formats) of Rose & Other Stories is free. Just follow the link provided below. It’s also available in print, at a lesser cost than most of Mantler Publishing’s books.

Up A Tree

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I want to live where I could climb a tree if I chose to. Seriously. I climbed at least my share of trees as a child and I still don’t get my dad’s issue with ‘broken branches.’ I honestly don’t remember breaking any in any tree I climbed. I don’t remember every getting stuck or seriously injured either. And yes, I would let my daughter climb trees if we had any around here to climb.

I want to live where I can just go out for a walk. Where I don’t have to worry about the drunks and addicts and homeless/jobless who have nothing to do but sit outside my back fence and swear at each other all day. They aren’t so bad right now, while it’s cold, snowy and icy, but they were just awful last summer. And I don’t want to know what they were smoking that reeked…

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Constructing Gods

Lexa Cheshire:

From the Archive.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

In some material I was working through this morning, I encountered the concept of a ‘Lego-God’. My knee jerk reaction was repulsion, that this is wrong on several levels. Then I stopped to actually think about it.

Honestly, this is something almost every single person who claims to believe in any higher power does. We construct our own personal deity from pieces we pick and choose. We cling to the parts which comfort us. Try to hide from the parts which frighten us. Or sometimes vice versa.

There are many faiths out there, many organized religions, many religious (or not so religious) texts describing deities. Every one of these ascribes different attributes to their deity. That’s a whole lot of little pieces from which to choose.

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I spend a lot of time living in my head. In the worlds my characters inhabit. In the past. In the future. Everywhere and every-when but here and now.

Because it’s easier. A lot easier.

Here and now is hard. Here and now is overwhelming. It’s frustrating. It’s all the issues I really wish someone else would swoop in and deal with for me.

But no one is going to swoop in and fix it all. Honestly, no one else can. I know no one else can live my life for me. That if I don’t live it myself, no one else will.

Except after so many years of living in my head, learning to live in the here and now is… something I’m not even sure I have a word for.

Lexa Cheshire:

Unfortunately still as true as when I originally posted it.

Originally posted on My Own Little Universe:

I really don’t like housework. I never have and, other than dishes, meals and laundry, I do as little of it as possible. My husband does the rest… usually when it really seriously gets brought to his attention. Our home is clean enough to be healthy… I think.

Except when it comes to cleaning things out.

Every once in a long while I get a ‘nesting’ urge. (Apparently this is normal and not actually/entirely related to pregnancy.) When this hits, usually triggered by a build up of clutter in parts (all) of my home, I’m the one pulling things apart, cleaning them up and trying to only put back the things we really want to keep. At least in theory.

In reality, it tends to go something more like this: I start to pull the clutter pile apart, get distracted by something and may not get back to it for…

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